Code of Conduct

  • Students must carry their Identity cards every day when on campus and produce it on demand by any authorities of the Institute.
  • Dress Code : In order to develop a sense of belonging and inculcate discipline amongst the students, they are expected to strictly observe the dress code and always remain properly dressed at the campus. Slippers, Jeans,T-Shirts,etc are not allowed unless otherwise exempted on medical or any other reason. Students must wear DACC uniform from Monday to Friday.And will be allowed to wear T-shirts and jeans(casuals) only on Saturdays. A student failing to adhere to the dress code will not be allowed to attend the lectures and will face disciplinary action
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the lecture halls, seminar halls, library, computer labs, examination halls, syndicate and common rooms, etc. and will be confiscated.
  • Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with seriously as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Ragging Prohibition Act 1999.The institution shall take strict action against the student by cancelling admission, if found guilty or involved in ragging. If student’s prior record is having any connectivity related to this offence will be immediately rusticated.[For details refer to Anti- Ragging Policy Page]
  • Absence from tests/examination/tutorials and non-submission of assignments in time will make a student ineligible for internal assessment. No excuse will be entertained.
  • Students are required to have at least 75% attendance in the lectures of every subject.
  • Details should be entered in the register while availing Computer Lab or library facility.