Guidelines for Paper

1. Title and Author’s information: The cover page shall contain the title of the manuscript, the author’s name and affiliation. This page should have the contact information (including name, address, telephone and e-mail address. )

2. Abstract: The title “Abstract” should be in 14-pt Times New Roman and boldface. Place one and a half spaced blank line between the title ‘ Abstract’, the abstract itself and the Keywords. The abstract and the keywords are to be in 12-pt Times New Roman. The abstract should contain 200 words, be one and half spaced and fully justified.

3. Manuscript: The body of the paper should immediately follow the abstract. The main text should be in 12-pt Times New Roman and one and a half spaced. All text should be fully justified. Manuscript should normally be of up to 6000 words (10-20 A4-size pages). The name of the author should not appear anywhere on the manuscript to facilitate the review process.

4. Heading and Sub-Heading: All headings should be in 14-pt Times New Roman and Sub-headings should be in 12-pt Times New Roman, boldface and italicized. Place a one and a half spaced blank line between each heading, sub-heading and the paragraph. Do not number the heading and the sub-heading. Capitalize the first letter of the noun, pronoun, verb, adjective and adverb.

5. Tables and Figures: Figure and Table captions should be in 10-pt Times New Roman and boldface and should be numbered in numerals (Example: Table 1: Text / Figure 1: Text). Capitalization requirements for figures and tables are similar to the requirement mentioned for headings and Figures and tables are to be numbered separately. Both figure and table captions are to be centered. If any source is being listed, they should be given below the table or figure in 9-pt Times New Roman (No Boldface).

6. Footnotes and Endnotes: Footnotes may be used if necessary and should be numbered consecutively. Endnotes are preferred to be used for explanations or indication to immediate Both of them should be in 9-pt Times New Roman and be single spaced.

7. Page Numbering: Provide page numbers on the right bottom of the Start numbering from the Abstract page and DO NOT include the cover page for numbering.

8. Italicization and Capitalization: Usage of these, in the main text, should be kept to the minimum and be consistent

9. References Examples:

  • Berger, Lawrence A, J David Cummins, and Sharon Tennyson, July 1992, Reinsurance  and The Liability Insurance, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, V 6(1), pp.253-272.
  • Britt, Newhouse, 2001, A Study on Reinsurance market Capacity,
  • Cummins, David, and Weiss, Mary A., 2000, The Global Market for  Reinsurance:   Consolidation,   Capacity   and Efficiency, Brooking Wharton Paper, ed., Litan, Robert and Anthony Santomero, Brooking Institute Press.
  • Lamba, S.L., July 2001,  Indian   Insurance  Industry: Expansion and Convergence, Confederation of Indian Industry, Proceeding of International Conference on

10. Note:

  • Condition for the contest is that, the manuscript sent should be original  work  and  should  have  not  been  previously published or submitted for publication
  • Manuscripts, which do not conform to these guidelines, will not be considered for participation in the
  • The institution reserves the right to use  research papers submitted for publishing in the future issues of PESBR
  • Research paper along with the cover page and the scanned copy of  the  registration form  should  be  electronically


  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Statement of the problem
  4. Literature Review
  5. Scope
  6. Objectives
  7. Research Methodology
  8. Results and Discussions
  9. Summary of findings and Conclusion
  10. Limitations
  11. Scope for further research
  12. References